Cats & Candles, Two of My Favorite Things

I love a great smelling candle. 

And I love cats. 

One rainy day as I was making myself a candle, I was struck with the inspiration to make safe, affordable, great smelling candles to sell and then donate part of the proceeds to a local cat rescue.

I chose Purr Partners Feline Rescue due to my own personal experience of adopting my cats from them.

They are hard working folks who genuinely care about each cat they rescue. 

The Story Of A Little Cat

Once there was a little cat, barely out of kittenhood who lived all on her own in a very big, loud world.
Luckily she found some very nice humans who gave her food and water and pets.

But one night, THE BAD THING happened.
She was in so much pain.
One of her legs wouldn't work and it hurt too much to run.
So she crawled to the place where the nice humans lived.
She cried and cried until they came outside.

The nice humans to her to a Scary Place that smelled like lots of other animals. 
The nice humans were very sad they didn't have the money to help her.
But they were told if they surrendered the little cat, a great rescue called Purr Partners could help.
The nice humans agreed and the little cat felt a pinch that helped her sleep.

When she woke up, the pain was better but her leg was gone.

The little cat stayed at the Scary Place for just a short time before a very nice lady from Purr Partners came to get her. 

Next thing you know, the little cat had a room all to herself.

(Which was nice because she was sleepy a lot and wasn't able to run very well with three legs.)

The nice lady from Purr Partners fed the little cat yummy food and gave her pets.
And the little cat started feeling better and got used to running and playing on three legs.

One day, the nice lady put the little cat in the carrier again. 

After a bit of a scary car ride, the nice lady handed the little cat over to another human.
(This new human was a real dork whose hands trembled the whole time they held the little cat's box.)

This new human talked and sang all the way to little cat's new home.

The next few days were fun! There were so many toys and treats and pets.
(Sure there was another growly cat there but the human kept them apart until the growly cat stopped growling.)

The little cat learned how to run and play in this new place.
She found the best spots of sunshine and the best place to watch birds.

And one day, the little cat's fur began to grow longer and much, much more floofy.

And eventually, the little cat wasn't so little anymore. 

But she's safe and warm and in her forever home with me. 

And that wouldn't be possible without Purr Partners
I am thankful for them everyday. 

I ended up adopting a second cat from Purr Partners.

The photo above is of my cat buddies:

 Mugsy (left) and Little (right) 

A portion of the purchase of each candle or wax melt sold is donated directly to Purr Partners Feline Rescue. 

Purr Partners Feline Rescue is a 501(c)(3), no-kill, foster-based, all-volunteer organization dedicated to saving the lives of cats and kittens in Central North Carolina.

Please check out their website for more information, to adopt, volunteer, foster or donate!